William Hayes Perry

Real Historic Person

Male, 50 years old, owner of W.H. Perry Lumber and Mill, Co. and president of the Los Angeles Water Company, married to Elizabeth Marie Perry



William Perry is an extremely successful, self-made businessman.  He is very proud of what he has achieved and is not shy about letting people know it, all the way down to the creation of his elaborate and exorbitant home.  He has a great deal of confidence and drive, and while charismatic is more the type of man people admire than one they feel close to.  These traits, while positive in the light of business, can have a negative side.  Mr. Perry is immensely stubborn, and once he makes up his mind on something, it is almost impossible to get him to change it.  He doesn’t lose his temper quickly, but when he does it burns red-hot, and it may be hours before he’s out of a foul mood.   Often overworked and called away, he doesn’t see his family as much as he’d like, but does see himself as an excellent provider and always doing what is best for them.  On the rare days he has time to himself he likes to read about the world, and will spend time playing with his children, showing a softer side.


Historic Background

Born in October 1832 in Ohio, he trained to become a carpenter. Traveled west with settlers and arrived in Los Angeles in 1854.  Starting with nothing, Mr. Perry worked his way up and opened the first furniture store in the area, which was the start of his successful business ventures.  He married Elizabeth Marie Dalton in 1858, and started a family.  He built the Mount Pleasant mansion in 1876, formed the W. H. Perry Lumber and Mill Company, helped to organize the Los Angeles Gas Company, and in 1879 was elected president of the Los Angeles Water Company.


Fictional Addition

Mamie was his favorite daughter, and looking back he regrets spoiling her the way he did.  He sees her relationship with Mr. Landini as a childish infatuation, and is pushing her towards Charles Davis, believing it would be a more suitable match.  Mamie’s resistance is causing Mr. Perry a great deal of stress, and he’s trying to not let it interfere with his business life.



Voiced by:

Phil Snyder

Phil is a successful voice-over actor. He is the official voice of the classic Disney character, "Jiminy Cricket," and Mattel Toys' widely popular "Stinky the Garbage Truck." His characters are also heard on the likes of WB Network's "Pinky & the Brain," Columbia TriStar's "The Wind in the Willows" as Mr. Toad, and "Ronald McDonald's Wacky Adventures" series. His voice is heard on numerous TV & radio commercials and interactive games.


Millions of Phil's comedy ringtones have been sold by some of the major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.


In addition to all this, Phil is an accomplished artist, animator, producer and director. His "Numbers Multiply!" educational songs and animations have over 8 million views on YouTube.


Phil is currently the Instructional Assistant Professor of Digital Media at University of Houston.

The real Mr. Perry

Year: unknown