Mrs. Etta Shaw

Real Historic Person

Neighbor, friend to Mrs. Perry, and a local gossip



Mrs. Shaw is two sides to a coin- with her school children she is very strict and terse, but with her friends and family she is a notorious (if well-meaning) chatterbox.  Extremely well educated and intelligent, Mrs. Shaw has an opinion on everything (and everyone) and feels that the world is a more-informed place for her sharing it.  While she can be a wealth of useful information about everything from current politics to ancient history, she can also usually sniff out information on more private matters, especially if they interest her.  For that reason almost everyone is on their guard when talking to her, yet Mrs. Perry has the extraordinary talent of being able to guide Mrs. Shaw to talk about something else, should things become uncomfortable.  Despite their differences the two are good friends.  Mrs. Shaw is very active in their community, and her cherry pies which she brings to the annual church picnic are legendary.


Historic Background

Born in the Los Angeles area in 1860 as Etta Lamb, she became a school teacher and remained with her parents until 1886 when, tired of being seen as an ‘old maid,’ she answered a newspaper advertisement for a wife and married Richard Shaw.  Between teaching, raising (and disciplining) Shaw’s four sons from his first marriage, and volunteering for her church and community, Mrs. Shaw is a very busy woman, and well-known by everyone in town.



Voiced by:

Sara Reeve

Heritage Square Volunteer

The real Mrs. Shaw

Year: unknown