Mary (Mamie) Barker Perry

Real Historic Person

Female, 20 yrs old, former opera singer, single



Mamie is very strong willed for a young woman of her time period, which is a trait both inherited from her father and the result of her once being ‘daddy’s little girl.’  With wealthy and influential parents she is used to getting what she wants, and is a bit spoiled.  Her success and new celebrity status as a singer hasn’t helped with that.  Despite this she is a very caring, loyal woman to her family and friends.  Mamie is highly passionate about her life and always strives to get exactly what she wants out of it.


Historic Background

Born in 1862, she was encouraged by vocal coaches at a young age and traveled to Italy to further study opera in 1880.  Made her musical debut under the name ‘Maria Perrini’ in September of 1881 and was a great success.  Soon afterwards her father traveled to Italy to bring her back home to California, after deciding that it was inappropriate for his eldest daughter to perform on stage.  She was a local celebrity in the Los Angeles area, and continued to sing if only for private events.


Fictional Addition

Currently she has her heart set on Mr. Landini, a fellow opera singer she met while performing in Italy.  Mamie believes that Mr. Landini is her great romance, and has been longing for him ever since her father forced her to come back to California.  This current rift between her and her father is a great source of pain, but both of them are too stubborn to compromise.  It has also made her act coldly up to this point with Charles Davis, her father’s chosen suitor for her, but his continued kindness towards her is slowly having an affect despite herself.




Polet LaMiroite

Polet LaMiroite is an actress/comedienne in search of work, representation, and representation that can get her work. She is thrilled to be part of a project that manages to combine three of her favorite things: costumes, history, and sassy women. Polet credits her mother's constant (and admittedly deserved) disapproval of Polet's suitors as the key to her portrayal of the admirably-fierce Mamie Perry. This vegan astrologer is an alumna of both the British American Drama Academy and University of California, San Diego and can be reached at

The real Mamie Perry

Year: unknown