Federico Landini

Fictional Person based on historic era

Male, 28 years old, opera singer, courting Mamie Perry (or Maria Perrini, as he knows her)



Federico is an up-and-coming opera tenor who has spent his entire life either on or around the stage.  He is incredibly friendly, charismatic, and charming, and while Federico has little formal education, he knows a great deal about the world and the people in it.  He also has a great variety of practical skills, such as basic woodworking and sewing, picked up over the years from stagehands.  Federico shares Mamie’s passion for life, and spent many happy hours telling her about all the far-flung corners of the globe they would see together one day.  He is a great romantic and very dedicated, but has his head so often in the clouds that he often cannot see what is directly in front of him, especially if it is something difficult or unpleasant.  Because he has lived within a theatre his whole life he has never stopped to think how he could support a proper family, or what he would do if his career as a singer should suddenly end.  If anyone asks, he only responds “God will provide.”


Fictional Background

Born 1854 in Milan, Italy, to a chorus girl mother and unknown father.  The theatre has always been Federico's home, and he was essentially raised by the various people in it, both on and behind the stage.   He learned to read and write and was taught basic math, but never attended a formal school, instead picking up skills while assisting with stage production.  Federico began going on stage as a young man, and his latent talent for opera soon became apparent- he started receiving lessons immediately.  Eventually he became an understudy, and eventually debuted in 1878.  In 1881 he met Maria Perrini, a young American girl with a magnificent voice, and was quite impressed by her presence whenever she was in the room.  He starred opposite her in her debut opera, Contessa d’Amalfi, and began courting her during rehearsal.  Mamie was the envy of all the opera girls…and in danger of being made into a scandal.  Federico is angry with Mr. Perry for bringing ‘Maria’ home, and is determined to find a way to bring her back to Italy to be with him.