Miss Elsie Simpson

Fictional Person based on historic era

Female, 26 years old, kitchen and house maid for the Perry family



Elsie is usually bright, bubbly, and cheerful.  Overall she enjoys her work, seeing Mrs. Perry as a very generous mistress who pays her better than any of the other servant girls she has talked to.  This may be due to a sympathetic affection for Elsie on Mrs. Perry’s part, because while Elsie is always very eager to get the job done, and does her work diligently, she is also scatterbrained and easily distracted.  She will leave the wash out when it rains, clean one half of the mantel but forget the other, and once grievously dunked Mr. Perry’s watch into a bucket of water instead of the brush she was cleaning it with.  With little formal education and an impressive ability to misunderstand the situation, Elsie is rarely taken seriously by the family.  From time to time however, Elsie will offer poignant insight which deeply impresses whoever is around to hear it…even if she can’t remember later what she said.


Fictional Background

Born in 1856 in New York to Irish immigrant parents, Elsie is the second eldest of five.  Encouraged by the rumors he was hearing about California, her older brother Henry decided to travel West in 1871, bringing his sister with him despite their parent’s protests.  Passing himself as English, Henry found work in a lumber mill while Elsie earned a little extra money helping with laundry.  In 1876 Henry caught consumption and died, leaving his sister with little funds and no way of returning home.  Seeing as how Henry had been a very popular fellow and with Elsie desperately searching for better work, her story got passed along by the mill worker’s wives as gossip until Mrs. Perry, overhearing a bit of it after a church service, decided to interview the girl for the new home her husband had just finished building.  Impressed by Elsie’s sunny and optimistic disposition in spite of her loss, she hired the girl, and Mr. Perry has been left to wonder if it was a wise idea ever since.



Voiced by:

Kenna Hartshorn

A creative soul Kenna's passion in life is to design, act, and express herself. After graduating from Edgewood College with a BS In Theatre Studies with several concentrations both in acting and design, Kenna moved to Los Angeles and is currently doing costume design for Kys Realm's "The Elements Club." You can also look for her in her upcoming appearance in the web series Shakespeariments.



Katie Darakjian