Elizabeth Marie Dalton Perry

Real Historic Person

 Female, 42 years, housewife, married to William H. Perry



Elizabeth Perry is very much a lady of her time; quiet, refined, and extremely dedicated to her husband and children.  Her father saw that she had a full education when she was a child suitable to her gender, and Mrs. Perry is an accomplished artist and musician.  She is an excellent pianist, passing her love of music down to all of her  children, but especially Mamie.  She also loves dancing and being outdoors, the latter most probably from playing in her father’s orchards as a child.  In her spare time she greatly enjoys reading stories, and secretly she worries that Mamie’s romantic notions stemmed from the tales she told her daughter as a child.  While she doesn’t understand the day to day workings of her husband’s business arrangements she does have a very firm head for household expenses, and keeps everything in order, which her husband appreciates.


She is very proud of both her husband and her daughter, and is constantly trying to act as a mediator between them.  However, it is very difficult for her because she supports Mr. Perry’s decision publicly (and certainly agrees about the idea of her daughter performing publicly, however talented). But privately she is very sympathetic to her daughter’s romantic plight and wishes to see her happy.


Historic Background

Born in Ohio in 1840 she traveled with her family by ship to California as a girl.  Her father bought land and set up a vineyard and orchard for a few years, eventually moving to Los Angeles.  In 1858 she met and married William Perry, and had six children with him.



Voiced by:

Karen Snyder

Transmedia Producer, Director and Author

The real Mrs. Perry

Year: unknown