The real Charles Davis

Year: unknown

Charles W. Davis

Real Historic Person

Male, 27 years old, orchestra flautist, approved suitor courting Mamie Perry



Charles is painfully shy, often expressing himself through his music.  When there is something on his mind, he will find someplace quiet to play.  While he is quiet, Charles is very kind and considerate, often helping out in small ways and not expecting, or often receiving, any credit for them.  He does not think very highly of himself, but those who know him believe that Charles is one of the best men they know.  He is very intelligent and has a good sense of humor around people he is comfortable with. However, there are not a lot of people that Charles feels at ease with but Mamie Perry is someone that does.  He is somewhat star-struck with Mamie since her return to America, but the more he gets to know her the more he wishes he could know her better.  It’s just unfortunate for him that between his shyness and Mamie’s feelings for another man that it hasn’t been going well.


Historic Background

Born 1855 in Portsmouth, Ohio, his father Richard Davis and William Perry had been childhood friends.  Charles possessed immense musical talent from a very young age and while in grammar school received lessons on how to play the flute. Once Charles’ career as a flautist began to take off he decided to travel to the growing city of Los Angeles and try his luck there.  Charles’ father wrote to Mr. Perry and asked him to help settle Charles into the area, which Mr. Perry gladly agreed to.  He was very impressed by the young man, and once he noticed the growing regard Charles had for his daughter, Mr. Perry decided he liked the idea of joining the two families.  He has been encouraging the couple’s courtship ever since.




David Vaughn

David Vaughn grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. He trained at the Library of Congress Theater, The Actor’s School in Nashville and Lipscomb University in Nashville. From various independent films, to theater work, to modeling, his charismatic and collaborating persona resonates depth in roles he undertakes. Most recently, he played a lead in "The Elements Club" a transmedia historical romance; and  a lead in “The Butterfly Chasers,” a film produced by award-winner Princeton Holt. Vaughn resides in Los Angeles.


“Fearless” is a word that easily attaches itself when describing Vaughn. That along with “rehire.” Producers and directors who work with Vaughn love to work with him again. A former military brat and public school teacher, Vaughn believes in making his own destiny with a focus on positivity and respect for the acting craft.


Vaughn was co-producer on One Way or Another Productions projects, "Delivery" and "The Butterfly Chasers." He was also a  writer for "The 10 Commandments of Chloe," an award-winning film.